The Ultimate Guide by a Marketing Agency for Events & Leisure

Find the benefits of event marketing for hospitality businesses. Learn from an experienced marketing agency for events & leisure how to build an effective strategy for online engagement and valuable leads. What was the last event you attended? Was it a leisure party? An office event? A webinar? Or, a golf outing? All of these events are different from each other, but for their hosts, there was a common objective: Engage people a.k.a. potential consumers. If you are a London-based hospitality business, a marketing agency for hospitality in London can build a highly effective marketing strategy to promote your event. It not only helps your business but also offers benefits to attendees. 
What Exactly is Event Marketing?
Event marketing can be defined as a process of planning, organising, and hosting an event with an objective to promote a business.  Whether your event will be attended by 10 guests or 100 attendees, a marketing agency for events and leisure plays an integral role in promoting your brand and its services among them.
What are Different Types of Event Marketing?
There are multiple ways to promote an event. They include:
  • Shows
Gathering many people for a show is a great way of promoting a hospitality business and its event. A large show can be hosted around a business and its services/products. Such an event can be useful in getting quality leads. A big event or a show can be attended by the general public, potential customers, partners, and salespeople.
  • Conferences
These are usually large events planned and hosted by one business. However, there can be several smaller sponsors and brands behind the event. Conferences are beneficial to impress B2C and B2B.  During conferences, the activities are organised around opportunities for attendees. 
  • Workshops
These are kinds of events whose agenda is created around providing attendees with knowledge related to a brand and its services. In the hospitality industry, businesses can make use of workshops to educate their potential guests about what to expect when they receive a hospitality company’s services.
  • Celebrations
As the name suggests, these are events planned to celebrate an achievement. A business can hire a marketing agency for hospitality in London to plan an event that helps celebrate a feat while promoting its services. Some hospitality businesses hold yearly events to entertain their clients and attract potential clients.
  • Webinars
These are the newest types of events, which are popular in the post-pandemic world. They allow businesses to connect with their potential clients online and promote their services online. One of the biggest reasons webinars are grabbing attention is that they connect businesses and their clients while maintaining social distance.
How to Create an Event Marketing Plan
Planning and hosting an event marketing plan is a challenging task. To make it work efficiently, hire a marketing agency for events and leisure. The company’s experienced marketers will understand your hospitality business and figure out the best approach to market your event. 
An agency will work on your plan considering the following things:
  • Your brand 
  • Your event objectives
  • Theme of your event
  • Your potential audience
  •  Suitable marketing plans for you
After identifying these factors, the event marketing agency works to create a marketing plan to promote your event to make sure that it grabs your potential clients’ attention and generates leads for your business. In the End Make your event a hit by hiring the best marketing agency for hospitality in London. Find and partner with the right professionals to market your event and get suitable results. All the best!  

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