The Problem

Stock Brook Country Club is a stunning venue in the Essex countryside that hosts weddings, conferences, parties & corporate events. They are also home to a state of the art health centre and beautiful Golf Course.Stock Brock had recently finished a massive regeneration project of the manor and it's health club. The venue was therefore able to attract a higher calibre of customer and needed to get that message out to potential suitors for the venue.

Our Solution

Stock Brook was using traditional forms of lead generation such as leveraging Google Ads & SEO strategies. As experts in automated social media strategies, we set about creating and testing the most eye catching and effective adverts and landing pages for the venue. Using pre-existing beautiful imagery of the venue, we were able to create a highly effective campaign with costs of only £0.30 per click and a high conversion rate. We have since implemented equally successful campaigns to increase golf & leisure membership, whilst optimising advertising spends in the process.

The Result

Our lead generation resulted in full open days, a full calendar of wedding show arounds and a massive increase in wedding bookings. We are currently looking at expanding our automated booking system to their other channels to further maximise their wedding bookings as well as creating a brand new website.

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