Hotel Digital Marketing London: Useful Tips You Need in 2021

As per research, over 60% of guests check-in/check-out using a hotel’s website or app. Also, many guests use the Internet to know all about a hotel before booking its services. To grab these potential clients’ attention, your hotel website needs to appear among the top results on search engines. Hotel digital marketing in London helps optimise your website and improve its rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

In 2020 alone, 65 new hotels were scheduled to be opened in London, adding 7,995 more rooms to the existing list of 158,956 rooms. There are hundreds of hotels in the capital of England, having thousands of rooms.

Many of these hotels have their official websites and applications, which enables their guests to collect information related to services before their arrival. In addition, several hotels allow their guests to connect with them and make bookings online.

How do you plan to stand out among the herd of luxury London hotels? How will you reach your potential clients online and convince them to choose you over others?

One answer to all your problems is hospitality marketing in London.

What is Hospitality Marketing or Hotel Digital Marketing

Hotel marketing, also known as hospitality marketing or hotel online marketing, is a digital approach to build and strengthen a hotel’s online presence to increase the chances of bookings. The marketing method encompasses a wide range of skills and strategies that professional marketers use to optimise a hotel’s website for attracting travellers and convince them to hire services.

Today, when most travellers check their hotels and their services before making a booking, hotel marketing in London becomes incredibly essential to growing a business online.

Best Hotel Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies of 2021

Hospitality marketing in London isn’t just about registering a website and making it attractive. It’s not useful if your potential clients do not find it among the top results on search engines. To rank your site high on Google, you need trending strategies that work.

List Your Hotel

Before the digital age, people used directories to register their businesses. With the introduction of high-speed Internet, hotels in London can reach their potential guests in just the blink of an eye. All they need to do is to register their businesses on Google.

Listing a business on Google is free. Google My Business (GMB) is like your digital business card that gives basic yet important information about your hotel to users.

Get a Website

Almost all successful hotels in London have their official websites, which help them get bookings online. A website is the face of your business online. It generates trust and provides users with essential information related to your hotel before arriving at the hotel.

A well-developed hotel website can grab the attention of worldwide travellers who are planning to visit London and looking for a hotel to stay.

Search Engine Optimisation

Popularly known as SEO, it is an integral part of hotel digital marketing in London. The approach includes a wide range of strategies and tricks to make a website appear high on search engines using keywords. When people search for hotel services in London, the method helps your hotel appear among the top results.

Social Media

As of April 2021, the world had 3.96 billion social media users worldwide, which means over 50% of the world’s population. Many of these users must be using various social media platforms to find tips on how to reach London, where to stay, and which is the best hotel for luxury amenities. To reach these potential clients, your hotel must have official social media accounts on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Video Marketing

Recently, the popularity of videos in hotel marketing in London has increased manifolds, thanks to high-speed Internet connections. You can integrate video marketing into your digital marketing strategy to reap its benefits. In the hotel industry, videos can be a useful tool to provide virtual tours of hotel rooms and tell about luxury amenities. In addition, a 360-degree view of a hotel can be created to gain the trust of travellers.

In the End

Hotel marketing in London can be a useful weapon in a hotel’s arsenal. It helps reach potential guests and encourage them for bookings. Also, it is effective in promoting your hotel’s services online and making them popular globally. Hire the best agency to use the best marketing practice to help your hotel grow immensely. All the best!

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